Virginia Woolf Classics in Fabulous New Covers by Marimekko Designer

Vintage Woolf Autumn 2016

Fabulous new editions of Virginia Woolf’s major works are being issued by Vintage Classics this Autumn, with covers designed by the Finnish textile and homewares company Marimekko.

The striking and assured use of colour is characteristic of the design house which traces its history back to 1949 when Armi Ratia created a range of bright new patterns for her husband’s textile printing company – which continued to print textiles by hand until 1973. The brand gained global attention in 1960 when Jacqueline Kennedy bought seven Marimekko dresses.

“One has to dream, and one must stand out from the rest.” Armi Ratia. The story of the company is well worth reading here.

The covers are by Helsinki-based illustrator and Marimekko designer Aino-Maija Metsola, who typically works in watercolours when designing clothing (according to the article in fastcompany here).

I particularly love the bold, translucent colours used for the covers of Mrs Dalloway and The Waves.

Mrs Dalloway, Vintage Classics Oct 2016.png

The book fights back! I rarely buy actual books any more because I travel for work so much, but may have to make an exception for these. Publication date is October 6th.

All images Aino-Maijo Metsola and Penguin